Monday, April 25, 2011

Underwater marvellous cities

I found something like hieroglyph or unnatural creation on the bottom of the ocean exploring the Earth with Google Earth software program. Could you please tell what this thing might be!?

For more information about marvellous cities follow the connection:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Casade Mountains, Cultus lake, UFO

On march 25-th 2011 my husband and I witnessed couple bright objects on the sky. It was . One of them was hovering about 10 minutes. Location: over Cascade Mountains, Cultus Lake, slightly East-North from it, Promontory direction. It was looking like a star but very bright and blinking white, red and blue. It disappeared ones, but just to change its position on high latitude (I guess) it became a bit smaller. The second one appears for few seconds close to the main one, position . No other stars were visible at the time. I made 3 videos, not very good quality but still. Here is one of them:

I found two other videos somehow related to my sighing: