Tuesday, March 14, 2017

UFO over Abbotsford, 2016, orbs

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STRANGE, ELUSIVE, (multi dimensional ? ) PYRAMIDS IN THE SKY

Exactly one year ago I was able to catch in a photo strange atmospheric phenomenon. Since I have no logical explanation for these pyramids, I leave to your knowledge to decide how and why these pyramids appeared in the sky. A little more information: Pyramids were shot looking Еast (!) around 5PM, before sunset time. Their location was above the drained approximately Summas lake, Abbotsford , British Columbia. A place where I've already seen  twice brilliant orbs, and their disappearance.
"Sumas Lake (Halq’eméyle: Semá:th Lake, Nooksack: Semáts Xácho7) was a shallow freshwater lake surrounded by extensive wetlands. The traditional territory of the Sumas First Nation, a band of the Sto:lo Nation, it was located between Sumas and Vedder Mountains, midway between the present-day cities of Chilliwack and AbbotsfordBritish Columbia. "
I do not want to speculate, but paranormal activity and UFOs can be seen in places that have gravitational anomalies. I came across information that explains the geological formation of these two mountains and the valley between them and it is in close correlation with this two theories about Canada's missing gravity.

Cultus lake, Nicomen Island, Agazis , Promotory and the all area, part of Cascade Mt. Range, they are all places where eyewitnesses have had encounter with Sasquatch (Bigfoot) and have seen UFOs. Is this coincidence or there is more to be discovered?